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Modular Crossfit Midsole System


4 Weeks

Footwear Studio



Incline sought to design a performance CrossFit shoe that stimulates the neuromuscular systems of the foot and ankle to improve performance and awareness through a midsole system of modular lattice pods. Typical CrossFit workouts encompass agility-based drills, weight lifting sets, and lateral shuffles that make traditional running or training shoes less than ideal.

The cushioning and stiffness of training footwear can dull an athlete's neuromuscular connections, causing them to lose awareness of balance, speed, and technique in the foot and ankle. Proprioception is shown to enhance body awareness and optimize movement patterns through the activation of nerves in the foot and ankle.

Based on receptor mapping, specific areas of the plantar foot require more stimulation than others. A responsive modular midsole system can deliver corresponding stimulation to the sole of the foot, enhancing balance and muscle activation based on user preference.

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